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2 foals - 2 premium titles

We are happy breeders: Our 2018 progeny has been awarded with premium titles! Our bay filly foal Myanmar'A bint Surinam (GF Maschuk x GG Surinam) is a ZSAA ** premium filly with an excellent type/body and very good movements. Our liver chestnut colt foal Achilles ibn Aikor (TM Aikor x Derya) is ZSAA * premium foal with a very good type/body and very good movements as well. We are looking forward to the bright future of both!

Photos: Nessi Wimmer

A successful season

We have been closing the show season 2018 and are over the moon with our results:

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  • 0W8A7188skaliert
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  • 0W8A7907skaliert
  • Elke Theobald

Photos: Arabersommerfestival Stadl Paura (Doris Dobetsberger), Kauber Platte Championat, National Breeders Cup (Elke Theobald)

ASE Bellagio (Safeer x Brasilia Chariklia)

Junior Bronze Champion National Breeders Cup Kauber Platte

classwinner yearling colts National Breeders Cup Kauber Platte

Junior Bronze Champion Arabersommerfestival Stadl Paura

2nd in class yearling colts Arabersommerfestival Stadl Paura

3rd in Liberty class stallions (all ages) Arabersommerfestival Stadl Paura

F&M Meshia (BB Escondhio x F&M Umojka) 

3rd in class 2-3 year old fillies Arabersommerfestival Stadl Paura

3rd in Liberty class mares (all ages) Arabersommerfestival Stadl Paura

Video: Kauber Platte Championat, National Breeders Cup (Bärbel Vollberg)


Our breeding establishment is certified by the German Equestrian Federation (FN) to guarantee a professional breeding, rearing and keeping. Tender Arabians is also a member of the Arabian Breeders  Association ZSAA.

Allowing to be a horse

Of course, Jewels have to be stored in a safe place. But they need the light of the sun to shine in all their glory. That is why we keep our Arabian horses on wide pastures, in natural environment, following the philosophy of „paddock paradise“. They are allowed to behave and move naturally according to their instincts - from their first steps on.